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A while back, I came across a TechCrunch Article “Goldman Sachs leads a $30 million round for Persado’s AI-based, automated copywriting service.

As a Technology expert well versed in AI and Machine Learning, I’d love to see exactly what they are testing (simple prompts, free offers, opt-in pages, sales pages, video sales letters, etc.), what the copy looks like (headlines, formatting, bullet points, etc.) and the real unadulterated data.

One thing that makes me distrust their claims…… They’re claiming they “nailed” Copywriting… Yet, they cannot write articles? Really? That is like saying you cannot play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on the electric guitar… But, you can play “Cathedral” by Van Halen.

It makes no logical sense to claim you can do something very complex… and you’re 20 years away from something rather basic in comparison. It totally fails the BS test.

It is very easy to lie with Statistics…. especially when both big money and big egos are on the line.

A close friend of mine got a “first hand” lesson on how to lie with Statistics…

When his medical trials found a drug was harmful to a patient, that “case” was “thrown out” by his superiors. This method yielded approval for drugs that were unfortunately harmful… and sometimes fatal to those who blindly trusted the medical establishment.

They were running “trials” to arrive at a desired end result. They weren’t doing real trials that looking at the actual end result. There is a massive difference.

They may be close… But, I highly doubt they’re seeing real prospects handing over cold hard cash over 4,000 campaigns. If that were true, the software itself would easily be worth billions…. Maybe, tens of billions to the right buyer.

What you’re testing makes it easy to blow up you conversion rate. “Free stuff” will naturally have a higher conversion rate than handing over $497.

In the end, it is so easy to throw out unverified numbers… It is like “income proof” screen shots in Internet Marketing. I give them zero credibility.