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Simply put, Blazor is the future of .NET web application development. There is no close second choice.

Here’s why:

In the real business world, it always boils down to one simple thing. Cost.

Many companies want as few technologies as possible. A .NET backend. A .NET frontend. From a cost perspective, Blazor is the only choice for new .NET web application development.

Why would any .NET shop want to mix a .NET backend with a JavaScript front end written using AngularJS or VueJS? It makes no sense. Now, you must hire .NET expert backend Developers AND expert AngularJS or VueJS Developers.

Companies went less complexity. Not more.

Why would any sane company want to write all of that additional JavaScript or TypeScript? Why use two or three languages when you could use only one?

When companies are “having trouble” finding highly skilled Developers, why would they intentionally make things more difficult? This is Milking The Bull™ feverishly with both hands!

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”.

Dr. Peter Drucker

Management Consultant, Educator and Author