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My Process For Helping Clients

Phase #1 – Roadmapping – This entails figuring out exactly what they want for this version.

Phase #2 – Development – The software is built based on the Roadmap. (What sets me apart is I have a proprietary development process and Enterprise SAAS platform that has been honed over 25 years and thousands of hours of research. Simply put, I create reliable software – web apps, mobile apps & desktop apps VERY quickly. I’ve saved my Fortune 500 Clients millions of dollars in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the years.)

Phase #3 – Customization – The Client can request any changes he/she wants to the software.

Phase #4 – QA – The software is tested by my QA team.

Phase #5 – Alpha Testing – The Client and a select group test the software.

Phase #6 – Beta Testing – The Client and a larger group test the software.

Phase #7 – Go Live – The software is sold to the public.

Phase #8 – Production Support, End User Technical Support & Ongoing Maintenance